Friday, March 30, 2012

2012 World MX GP - Mr. Giuseppe Luongo

The world motocross championships are unique. Different countries. Different languages. Different cultures. Different tracks. And it's history - it's where the sport of supercross & motocross as we know it in the USA came from.

The designation 'world motocross championship' was originated by the FIM (Federation Internationale Motocycliste) starting in 1947 with the biggest motocross race in the world - The Motocross of Nations. (The Motocross of Nations is a 'team' race, with countries competing against each other. That first 'Nations' race was held in Holland, and won by Great Britain.)

Coincidentally, the 2012 World MX GP series starts in the Holland, Easter Weekend, April 8 & 9. (The 2012 World MX GP schedule is here.)

The World Motocross Championships, and the MX of Nations is organized by Youthstream. And the President of Youthstream is Mr. Giuseppe Luongo.

Giuseppe started in the sport just like most of us - with a simple love & passion of motocross. Giuseppe achieved great professional status by organizing the legendary 1986 Motocross of Nations in Italy, won by the USA dream team - David Bailey, Ricky Johnson, & Johnny O'Mara - and managed by Roger De Coster.


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